In 1996, Saman Arastou held his first acting workshop in the form of Avaye Divanegan group in Tehran, a workshop with a different method which was initiated by himself. The method is based on etude completely improvised on special subject, understanding your own nature and the identity of the character by understanding yourself.

Arastou does not believe on [theatre] practices merely based on the play; he even may hold 8 months of acting workshop for a play, but give the play to the actors only one day before the performance.

He believes that each person can be a unique actress /actor in a way that s/he can analyze her/himself and her/his environment. For example, if s/he has to play the role of a murderer, s/he should recognize her/his inner murderer and release its harness so that her/his inner murderer plays the role. With her/his special and various techniques, Arastou helps the actress/actor identifies and releases her/his different inner characters in line with the role.

Since 1996, this workshop has been held annually (in two courses) and continuously in Tehran. It still continues its activities.

All the actors/actresses who acted a role in performed plays of Avaye Divanegan were selected from those acting workshops.  From 1996 to 2016, Arastou has held 40 successive courses of acting workshops and introduced many actors/actresses to Iran’s theatre and cinema.