Text & direction Saman Arastou

Assistant director Amirmo’ayad Bavand

With Nadia Bavand, Sima Shokri, Mahi Azimi, Hamidreza Sangian, Meysam Ghanizadeh, Morteza Alidadi, Hedye Khanian, Mana Sharifian, Hamidreza Qobadi, Amirmoayad Bavand, Saman Arastou

Stage and Costume design Saman Arastou

Scene Manager Mohsen Zahabi

Photographers Babak Haghi, Ali Marzban

Trailer Alireza Gheidian

Music of Trailer Ava Arabi

Poster Designer Sina Nouraei

Show in Farsi with supertitles

running time 1h

production Ava-e Divanegan Theater Group

Ensemble Manager Amirmo’ayad Bavand

Note by Director,

I am weary of beast and devil, a man is my desire. (Rumi)

We continue to live with our fears, because we do not taste the love.

To continue, is equal to slaughter, fear and violence.

Human and its contradictions

Human and its fears

And violence

And violence

Without love; we are just bodies

So we are bodies.

About Autopsy

In Autopsy, director addresses Taboos, contradictions, violence and self-censorship in Iranian society.  Using real stories of persons who participated in his “self-cognition workshop”. People who do not know themselves, people who do not hear each other. They suffering; because of unawareness about their feelings, their orientations and sometimes their gender! They are not far from here; this is the story of ourselves.

Director tried to ask from majority about individuality; (as we know the majority included a large number of individuality). What has caused this suffering? Why society could not break Taboos? Who responsible in such a situation? What about us? Are we honest with ourselves?

These are questions which actors and audiences will think about them, during the performance and after that. The story of Autopsy is based on women who married with Transsexuals. M to F transsexuals who have not any awareness about this issue and they just think are different. Because of the unawareness of themselves, psychologists and their families, they marry. They think can forget their feelings by this way but understand their feelings never changed.