Text & direction Saman Arastou

Assistant director Amirmo’ayad Bavand

With Afsane Mirbagheri, Nadia Bavand, Amirmo’ayad Bavand, Mana Sharifian, Nafiseh Ramezani, Saman Arastoo

Stage design Saman Arastou

Show in Farsi with supertitles

running time 1h

production Ava-e Divanegan Theater Group

Ensemble Manager Amirmo’ayad Bavand

“An auto who is idle” based on documentary part of Saman Arastoo’s biography that he tried to get permission from psychologist and governments for doing sex change surgery. inspired from pedagogy and theater therapy like another plays which directed by him.

unawareness of the psychologists, governments and society about transsexuality was the biggest problem for him in 90 decade.

Saman decided to indicate his documentary story from that years because there are same problems now in 2018!

Transsexuality is legal in Iran but Unawareness, violence against LGBTQ , medical treatments for transsexuals, Shock therapy (ECT), Complex bureaucracy for achieving to sex change surgery, vain taboos, etc was Saman’s Motivation for making this performance.

All dialogues that used in play are real words from transsexuals memories that they said in “Self cognition” workshops.

Play included 5 part,

1.The opening happens among the audiences when they waits for entrance, complete silent.

2.The bank, when Saman wants to get his salary after surgery, he could not. because he had no ID cart for 1 year after his operation; living without identity for 1 year!

3.The legal medicine, his conversation with psychologists for getting permission for operation.

4.Every night one transsexuals comes to stage and speaks about his situation.

5.Contemporary dance and Mime techniques.

 Performed for 35 public shows (Tehran/2018)